25 Signs That Your Website Has Conversion Problems (Without Needing Google Analytics to Find Out)

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website problemDon’t know how well your website is really performing? Don’t have a clue how to check conversion rates?

“Most websites don’t have a massive traffic problem, however every website in the world has a conversion problem”
– Bryan Eisenberg

The truth is many online businesses don’t know how to check if their website is converting visitors well, other than by judging how many sales or leads they are getting.

And many don’t really know how to use Google Analytics to check their conversion rates either.

To help you discover if you have a website conversion problem (without having to use Google Analytics to find out), I have created a list of 25 signs that indicate your website isn’t converting very well and that you could be using CRO to increase your sales without needing more traffic.

How many of these 25 signs sound familiar?

  1. You spent good money on driving traffic without seeing any new sales or leads
  2. You don’t have a mobile optimized version of your website
  3. You use ‘click here’ or ‘submit’ for some of your links or buttons
  4. You have never watched recordings of people using your website
  5. You aren’t providing a free incentive to get more people to sign-up/register
  6. You have never done any user testing on your website to get feedback
  7. You are using an image content slider on your homepage
  8. You don’t offer any guarantee or other risk reducers for your visitors
  9. You don’t have a clear call-to-action on your homepage
  10. You don’t show any security or trust seals in your checkout or sign-up page
  11. You don’t clearly show your unique value proposition on your homepage
  12. You have no call-to-action buttons at the end of your key pages or articles
  13. You don’t know what the page fold is or how to use it best
  14. You use a ‘captcha’ on your forms to prevent spam or bots
  15. You are sending your paid search to your homepage instead of landing pages
  16. Your website has few signs of life – few ratings, reviews, comments or shares
  17. You only have one or two images for each of your products or have no zoom
  18. You recently redesigned your website but it didn’t increase sales or leads
  19. Your boss decides on whats best for the website, not your visitors
  20. You have long blocks of text without using bullet points or bold
  21. You make it mandatory for a visitor to register before checkout
  22. You have never surveyed your website visitors to get feedback
  23. You only get a few subscribers or email signups per week
  24. You don’t know what social proof is or how to build it
  25. You have never checked your website for issues in a different browser

To learn about how to use conversion rate optimization to fix these website conversion issues, you should read my ultimate guide to conversion rate optimization.

Now over to you…

Be honest. How many of these signs apply to your website? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in admitting many of these. And if it looks like your website has many of these problems, don’t be too proud to ask for help from conversion experts (like myself).