Reading Roundup/Tom Cruise is Crazy

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Here is this week’s link loving from me – the most interesting blog posts I have read this week. Oh, and if you take a look on the right hand side of this blog, you will see I set up MyBlogLog on here, so you can see the other cool cats who read this blog, and join my community.

Google Analytics 3.0 – My Speculation
Some interesting speculation from Stephane Hamel about whats could to be in the next version of Google Analytics!

Are You #1 in Google? It Doesn’t Matter
I really agree with Darrell Long’s article here – too many marketers simply think that getting to the top spot in Google is all you need. Wrong! Launched
I think this new web company is destined for great things – just look at the recent success of Starbucks own suggestion/feedback site (!

Amazon Ups Custom Review Usability
The pioneers in online retailing take another great step in the right direction! Other online retailers should follow these changes!

The Action Dashboard (An Alternative to Crappy Dashboards)
I couldn’t agree more with Avinash’s viewpoint on creating insightful dashboards – there are way too many ‘reporting squirrels’ out there! (crazy self-promoting website of the week ever)
Can You believe Tom Cruise? His new site is one of the most ridiculously self-worshiping websites I have EVER seen. I think I just puked in my mouth. And they say he’s crazy? Never…

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