Web Analytics Reading Roundup/Twitting Too!

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readingroundup.jpgIt seems my feed reader seems to grow by the day – I am constantly finding new great blogs (ReadWriteWeb is my newest find). So here is a list of my favorite recent posts from the world of web analytics and marketing… enjoy!

Webinar Recap: Web Analytics for Online Retailers
From a great blog all about e-commerce, this post recaps an insightful recent webcast all about e-commerce related web analytics. And Mr. web analytics himself, Eric Peterson, is a great speaker in this.

Web Metrics 101: Just what DO all these terms mean?
I have actually been writing web analytics posts for another tech blog, and well, i’m kind of proud of this one. I know its a shameless self plug, but I like to think its a good guide – I grade all the different metrics too. Take a look!

Europe and the Web Analytics Association
Being from jolly from England myself,  it was great to see a post from Eric Peterson focusing on web analytics in Europe. And he is expecting things are about to take off, even though there is a general lag behind the U.S.

ATT Warns: Internet Will Max Out Because of Video by 2010
Wow. Pretty scary thought. Marshall Sponder (WebAnalyticsGuru), builds on my recent ‘The Internet: The New Oil’ post, and talks about this recent worrying statement from ATT. Seems like I’m not the only one starting to worry…

Move Over Google Analytics, Here Comes Yahoo Analytics
Yep, thought I had better include one of the more interesting posts about Yahoo’s recent purchase of the Index Tools analytics tool (then turn it free!). This guy just plain makes good sense…. and has done for a while!

The Ultimate (Free) Landing Page Resource
Another one of my favorite blogs, announcing a new section all about one of the most important things for a marketeer on the web – landing pages. Contains some great tutorial links, and example of landing page makeovers.

Oh, and one last thing. I am finally on Twitter! One of my good friends from San Diego (Fumi – a net nerd like me) finally convinced me to start up twitting on there. Feel feel to follow me on there!