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I’ve been doing conversion rate optimization (CRO) for 15 years, and have increased conversion rates and revenue for 100’s of online businesses. One of the tools that I often use to create high converting landing pages for my website and my clients is Unbounce.

The landing page for my expert CRO review is built with Unbounce, so you can see the type of pages that are possible to create.

Unbounce is one of the most popular landing page builders on the market. It aims to increase conversion rates and ROI for online businesses by creating optimized landing pages that get results.

But is it a good fit for your business?

In this article, I’ll take a deep dive into Unbounce and its pros and cons. We’ll look at pricing, key features and more so that you can decide whether Unbounce is the solution for you.

Unbounce Overview: March ’24

Unbounce are the pioneering landing page builder tool, first launching in 2009. Since then, it has become one of the leaders in the market.

One of its standout features is that users can quickly and easily create pages with Unbounce’s drag and drop builder, without the need to hire a developer or a designer

They continue to add cutting edge tools like pop-ups and sticky bars, and have acquired other tools and adopted their features, like AI copywriting and optimization to help users create the best landing page for their business.

Unbounce describes its tool as the ‘conversion intelligence platform’ which includes Smart Builder, Smart Traffic and Smart Copy features.

Unbounce Pricing Plans

There are several Unbounce pricing plans to suit different budgets and business types.

Here is the Unbounce pricing and plan features as of March 2024.

Launch: $99 per month ($74 if paid annually). This includes up to 20,000 visitors.
Optimize: $149 per month ($112 if paid annually). This includes up to 30,000 visitors.
Accelerate: $249 per month ($187 if paid annually). This includes up to 50,000 visitors.
Concierge: $649 per month. This includes more than 100,000 visitors, and a dedicated success team.

Want to try before you buy? Choosing a landing page builder is a big decision, so it’s natural to want to test it before you commit to paying annually or monthly.

Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial so that you can explore its features with no obligation and decide whether it’s the right solution for your business.

Unbounce Discounts And Coupons

They don’t offer any discount codes, but you can use my exclusive partner deal to get 20% off your first 3 months or 35% off your first year. You also get a free 14 day trial included, and no credit card is needed to try all the features.

Unbounce Features

I will now review the most important Unbounce features to consider, starting with the page editor.

Unbounce Page Editor

It has a very flexible drag-and-drop editor, so you can move elements anywhere on the page you want.

Other landing page tools like Leadpages are limited to a grid system where you can only use a row and column system for moving and customizing layout, so Unbounce is much better.

Therefore that is why I think the Unbounce page editor is best I’ve come across, and it’s my favourite feature of Unbounce.

Unbounce A/B Testing

One of the most important features of any landing page tool is A/B testing so that you can discover which version of your page improvements converts the best.

Unbounce has very good A/B testing features, particularly their smart traffic feature, which means you don’t need as much traffic to do A/B testing. You need to upgrade to their ‘Optimize’ plan to use it.

Pros and Cons of Unbounce

The biggest selling point of Unbounce is how easy it is to use and how good their page editor is. No coding or specialist knowledge is required to create landing pages, and the tool is designed to be user friendly. 

However, as with all software there is room for improvement, particularly in terms of optimizing landing pages for mobile use. 

To help you make your decision, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Unbounce below.

Unbounce Pros

  • It has the most flexible drag-and-drop editor for complete customization of landing pages, helping you quickly and easily create ones for each of your marketing campaigns.
  • Their pop-ups and sticky bars feature for lead generation is excellent, so you can easily create pop ups and sticky bars for your site.
  • Great high quality templates with many conversion best practices built in, and you can choose from over 100 unique templates to suit your requirements.
  • It has dynamic text replacement for getting better results from paid search campaigns. This means you can dynamically customize your landing pages, pop ups and sticky bars depending on search keywords used by visitors.
  • They offer the best support options even at the lowest plan level, including phone support. Other cheaper tools only offer support via email.

Unbounce Cons

  • Their mobile page version is quite narrow, only allowing you to choose a width of 320 pixels. This means that some landing pages may not look great on wider mobile devices.
  • The best and most useful features only start with the Optimize plan and up, which can be quite pricey for a first-time user at $145 per month. Features such as A/B testing are only available from Optimize and up.
  • It doesn’t offer built-in shopping cart tools to allow users to directly purchase on your landing pages – you have to use their Unbounce Apps to integrate with tools like Stripe.
  • Beginners may prefer other tools that have a simpler grid editing system, and the builder can seem a little complex at first glance.

My Expert Rating for Unbounce

I’ve been using Unbounce since it launched in 2009, so I have a lot of experience with it.

I’m currently giving Unbounce an 8.5/10 rating. 

Its page editor is the best out of any landing page tool, and its A/B testing and AI tools are highly intuitive.

But why not a 9/10? While I think it’s the best and most powerful landing page tool on the market, they need to improve its tool in mobile responsiveness.

Almost 60% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it’s vital for Unbounce to move with the times and make sure it can create pages that are fully optimized for mobiles that are now much larger in width than before.

Once this mobile responsiveness has been upgraded, it will get a 9/10. However, if your goal is to increase conversions on your website, I strongly suggest giving Unbounce a try. Its free trial means you can test it out with no obligation and find out whether it’s a good fit for your business.

Third Party Reviews of Unbounce

Don’t just take my expert opinion on Unbounce though. Unbounce also rates well on two of the leading software review platforms. Here are the latest reviews on these as of March ’24:

Rating on G2: 4.4/5
Rating on Capterra: 4.5/5

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If you’re looking to increase conversions on your website, now is the time to try Unbounce. With its user-friendly platform, fully customizable templates and flexible pricing plans, Unbounce is a great tool that helps you turn visitors into customers and increase your ROI.

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Who Is Unbounce Best For?

Unbounce is best suited to online marketing teams and businesses who want the most control and flexibility when creating landing pages.

Even though it’s a very good landing page tool, it’s not the lowest cost, so only businesses who have a good budget can usually afford it.

What Are the Alternatives to Unbounce?

If you need less features and a lower cost tool, but don’t mind a grid system which gives less flexibility, then I suggest using Leadpages.

If you want even more features than Unbounce, and you can afford a more expensive tool, then I recommend using Instapage.

You can see a full comparison of Unbounce versus Leadpages and Instapage in my comparison guide, which also includes the pros and cons of Leadpages and Instapage.

The Final Word on Unbounce

Unbounce is a great choice for anyone looking to optimize their website and create targeted landing pages for different marketing campaigns. It stands out for its powerful drag-and-drop page editor, smart AI integrations and fully customizable templates. If offers more features than LeadPages, and is not as expensive as Instapage. 

Although Unbounce has a little way to go in terms of optimizing its landing pages for the latest mobile devices, it’s a highly valuable tool for all kinds of business owners and marketing teams, and in my opinion it remains the best landing page builder. 

Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

It’s not just about choosing the right landing page builder for your company. To get the best results from it, you also need to understand conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques and best practices to convert more of your users into sign-ups or sales.

For a detailed guide on increasing your landing page conversion rates, read my ultimate guide to CRO.

I’m also offering a free CRO teardown for any of your landing pages with a free CRO consultation.

Disclaimer: This comparison review contains links that earn referral fees for me. I would appreciate you using these links when you sign up for a trial with Unbounce.

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