How to Get a Pay Rise Using Great Excel Charts

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excel chartsOkay I lied, creating and using great Excel charts won’t necessarily get you a pay rise, but it can certainly help influence your boss and increase your chances of getting an extra chunk of change in your pocket each year! Especially if you are a web analyst or internet marketeer, as most of the reporting you do will end up in an excel chart – so make them the best you can!

So I got together a great collection of links from across the web, and books to read to help you get that raise. Follow these and pretty soon everyone in your office will come to you as the excel expert too!

~~Websites and Blogs~~

Top Ten Excel Chart Tips for Excel 2007
Good one page overview revealing some great excel 2007 chart tips.

Jon Peltier’s Excel Charts
Pretty comprehensive guide to all excel chart topics – excellent resource!

Daily Dose of Excel
Great excel blog – this link is for all the pages there tagged with charts.

Mr Excel’s Chart Tips
An older site, but has some good links – this guy was even on TV!

The Spreadsheet Page – Charts and Graphics Tips
Another good resource for excel chart tips.

Chart Chooser
Excellent resource for downloading great chart templates.

Official Microsoft Excel Blog – Posts about Charting
As you might expect, its a bland blog, but offers good content.

Incell Graphing Options from Juice Analytics
Great for dazzling your boss with simple charting table effects.
Offers some great data visualization and cxcel charts tips.

ExcelUser list of Excel Chart Tips
Offers even more excel chart tips, with good pivot table links too.


ExcelisFun YouTube Videos
Great for those who prefer watching than reading. Run a search on ‘charts’ in the search box on this page to see a list of some cool excel chart videos and magic tricks.


Excel Charts – John Walkenbach
Great in depth book for helping to create better excel charts.

Charts and Graphs for Microsoft Excel 2007 – Bill Jelen
Another impressive book for improving your chart wizardry.

The Visual Display of Quantitive Information – Edward Tufte
A classic for any grapher/charter- doesn’t just apply to excel either.

So there you have it. If after reading all these you can’t produce some great looking, revealing charts to influence your boss with, then maybe you should consider changing career or something? Joking aside, I hope you all enjoy these links and put them to great use!