Now Get 40% off at Clicktale and Learn What Your Visitors REALLY Do on Your Website!

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ClickTaleI have used many web tools over the years, some not so good, some great, and some truly amazing.

And one of the more recent tools that I am fascinated with is Clicktale – its so good at helping gaining visitor insight, I still don’t understand how its possible. It records all your website visitors actions (including mouse movements) without them even knowing they are being recorded – enabling you to gain some amazing insights into your visitor behaviour!

And for a limited time, I am excited to announce they are offering up to 40% off their packages (which are already pretty cheap in the first place).

See Clicktale’s 40% off sale – and gain more visitor insight!

Here are some of the great insights Clicktale can reveal:

  1. The real way users navigate your site – its often different than you think!
  2. What parts of your forms visitors get stuck on – great for troubleshooting and improving shopping carts and signup forms.
  3. Exactly how far people scroll down on your website – great for deciding how long to make your pages.
  4. What links your visitors hover over, but don’t click on – allows you to optimize the call to actions on your links and get more clicks.

For the full scoop on the many ways Clicktale can help you, watch this:

ClickTale – Record, Watch, Understand – and now get 40% off!

I also love it because Clicktale is a much cheaper and quicker way of generating website user feedback than doing full blown website usability testing.

And yes, using the Clicktale links in this post will also help support my blog! So what have you got to lose? And trust me, you will be amazed when you see this in action on your very own website! And getting 40% off certainly helps too…