Omniture Take a Big Step in the Right Direction!

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Some interesting news today, that I was particularly impressed with. Omniture, one of the leading web analytics providers, acquired a leading A/B and multivariate testing company called Offermatica.

Why is this such a big deal? Because analytics tools like from WebSideStory and Omniture previously lacked this important piece of the analytics puzzle – not just being able to analyze websites, but also being able to optimize websites by using multivariate and A/B testing. I myself found this frustrating that a tool that I know very well, WebSideStory, didn’t offer any testing capabilities. Google obviously understood the importance of testing, with its Google Website Optimizer tool they released earlier this year, which is fantastic – but they still didn’t tie it very closely to their Google Analytics solution.

Obviously Omniture realize the importance of offering a more complete analytics package by making this acquisition, and I applaud them for this – hopefully they will do a good job of integrating it into their offerings. So what’s next? A leading analytics provider teaming up with or acquiring a qualitative data analytics company like Foresee Results? We can only hope! Maybe WebSideStory or WebTrends should take note!