The Ultimate Web Marketing/Analytics RSS Feed (Top 10 Blogs!)

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Heres a secret… I rely heavily on blogs to expand my knowledge and expertise about web marketing and web analytics – and i’m probably not the only who does this. I have over 30 blogs in my RSS reader (bloglines) that I try and check out every day. Its taken me a few years to build up this list, and gradually I have taken off stale blogs and added better ones. I like to think its pretty impressive list. So, I thought I would mention the key blogs that are in my RSS feed, and merge them all into one ‘ultimate’ RSS feed that anyone can subscribe to – see below for how to get this feed.

So without further ado, heres the pick of my favorite web marketing/analytics blogs and the combined RSS feed for it…

  1. Occams Razor by Avinah Kaushik
    Being a web analyst, I would have to say this is the blog that I couldn’t survive with. And its not bogged down with news – its a great way to learn more about hot web analytics topics. It also covers a lot of the material that is mentioned in his great web analytics book.
  2. SEOmoz Blog
    This is one of my favorite blogs, all about SEO best practices. Its great because it doesn’t simply just report on every SEO related news item that other SEO blogs like SearchEngineLand. It has some very interesting original content (plus some great free SEO tools on their site).
  3. Web Analytics World
    This blog by Manoj Jasra, is perfect for keeping up with the latest news and events in the big wide world of web analytics.
  4. Future’s Now
    This is a blog dedicated to website optimization (different to SEO). Its by the Eisenberg brothers, and its full of tips and advice regarding improving conversion rates and making websites more usable.
  5. Web Metrics Guru
    A good web analytics blog written by Marshall Sponder, full of news, reviews and videos. Definitely worth a read.
  6. Web Analysis & Behavioural Targeting
    A great blog from Anil Batra, all about behavioural targeting for websites and website optimization. A higher level of web analytics…
  7. Seth Godins Blog
    This guy is a marketing genius. While not everything relates to the web, he talks about some very important fundamentals of marketing and how they are changing.
  8. Get Elastic
    This is a great blog for anyone who is interested in ecommerce analysis. Offers some great advice and insights for improving ecommerce websites.
  9. Visual Revenue: Web Analytics & Online Marketing
    The owner of IndexTools, Dennis Mortenson, also has a fantastic blog all about web analytics and online marketing.
  10. ReadWriteWeb
    Even though they dont particularly focus on online marketing or web analytics, this blog is great for providing the bigger ‘internet’ picture, and what is going on out there.  Better than TechCruch and Mashable in my opinion, and has more original blogging articles. Not just news.

An honorable mention goes to Marketing Sherpa’s blog, but for some reason they don’t offer an RSS feed of it (anyone listening over there?). Its pact full of internet marketing case studies and best practices.

Anyway. To sign up for the feed containing all these feeds above (plus my blog feed), simply click on the link below and add the feed to your feedreader of choice… enjoy!

Oh, and feel free to comment on your own favorite web marketing and web analytics blogs! I would love to know what you all think.