75 Website Testing and Optimization Tools in My New Book!

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Website testing and optimization is much harder than you think, and you need to use much more than just a good testing tool to do a good job of it. In fact, there are many other types of tools that you need to use to better test and optimize your website, from usability and feedback tools to understand your visitors needs better, to tools for analyzing the performance of your website and for finding great high impact test ideas.

In my new book that launched recently, I discuss these types of tools you need – 75 different ones – and how to make best use of them. Here is a partial list of them – get the book to read the full list, and learn best practices for using them.

Sample of the 75 testing and optimization tools mentioned in my book:

Web Analytics Tools:
Google Analytics
Adobe SiteCatalyst

Website Testing Tools:
Adobe Test&Target

Visual Analysis Tools:

Visitor Feedback Tools:

Web Usability Tools:

Other Website Optimization Tools:

Do you have a favorite website testing and optimization tool? Feel free to comment on this article!

You need more than just testing tools though!

But don’t forget you also need more than just tools to test and optimize your website – as you will learn about in my book, to really engage and convert your visitors better, you also need expert resources and then to learn and use best practices from web analytics, website testing, web usability and online marketing.

In addition to this list of 75 tools, you will also find other great things in the book to help you with your website testing and optimization efforts:

  • Hundreds of test ideas for many types of website pages
  • Website optimization checklist to help you gauge your success
  • Website optimization maturity lifecycle to find out how you compare

Don’t forget you can download the first chapter of my book and table of contents for free (plus the great foreword by Bryan Eisenberg) – all you have to do is follow me on Twitter and I will send you a link to download it!