25 Great Tools/Plugins To Improve Your Blog

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There are literally millions of blogs online now, and many of them need help improving (and yes, yours probably does too). Luckily, there are many simple tools and plugins available that can be used to help improve blogs and help satifsy their visitors better. Therefore, in continuation of my recent ProBlogger guest post ‘5 Way to Improve your Blog to Gain More Repeat Visits’, I decided to create a long list of tools and wordpress plugins that will help improve your blog – lets get started…

1: Highlight Your Most Engaging Content:
Popular Posts

2: Analyze and Gain Insight into Your Blog Traffic:
Google Analytics (or Woopra for newer cool tool)

3: See Exactly What Your Visitors Are Clicking On:
Crazy Egg

4: Allow Your Users to Vote on Content and Get Recommendations:

5: Engage Your Users with Polls:
Soda Head or PollDaddy

6: Allow your Visitors to Contact You and Give Feedback:
Contact Form

7: Allow Visitors to Flow Around Your Site Better:
Related Posts

8: Analyze How Your Visitors are Arriving to Your Website:

9: Give Your Blog Commentators Extended User Profiles:

10: Get More Visitors to Come Back:
Subcribe to Comments

11: Compare Your Blogs Popularity with Competitors:
SEOmoz Trifecta Tool

12: Find Out What Your Visitors Are Looking for:
Turn on Google Site Search Analysis

13: Show Some Love To Your Top Commentators:
Show Top Commentators

14: Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines and Get More Visits
All in One SEO pack

15: Allow Yours Visitors to Share Your Great Content with Friends:
Share This

16: Add An Instant Community to your Blog:

17: Put Visitor Avatars in your Blog Comments:

18: Allow Foreign People to Read Your Blog:
Global Translator

19: Impress Your First Time Blog Visitors With a Personal Message:
What Would Seth Godin Do Plugin

20: See How Your Competitors Blogs Traffic Compares:

21: Speed Up Your Blog Load Performance:

22: Show Your Search Visitors More Relevant Related Content:
Landing Sites

23: Find Out What Your Visitors Want By Surveying Them:

4Q Survey Tool

24: Keep Your Visitors Updated with Your Latest Twits:
Twitter Badges

25: Start Doing Testing on Your Blog to Improve It
Google Website Optimizer Plugin

So there you have it. Hopefully this is a better, more to the point, list of tools and plugins in comparison to what you usually see in terms of blog tools! Thoughts? Any other tools and plugins you would like to see added? Also, don’t forget to check out my new free website optimization ebook, if you haven’t already done so – it contains even more great ideas for helping to improve websites and blogs.