Best Of Conversion Conference Tweets & Tips: Day 1

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I am currently in San Francisco at my favorite conference – Conversion Conference! It’s packed with some fantastic tips and best practices for helping to optimize your website and improve your conversion rates. There were so many great tweets yesterday about the sessions, so I thought I would put together a quick overview of some of the best tips and funny comments of day 1. Particularly great for all of those who weren’t fortunate enough to make it to this conference!

  • @chiefmartec: good morning #ConvCon — may your vision be LIFTed, your challenges CONVERTed, and your two days here OPTIMIZEd.
  • kennovak: #convcon Tim Ash recommends Robert Cialdini’s “Influence”; commitment, consistency, lead to more influence
  • chiefmartec: 1) Make sharing easy 2) Give social proof 3) Humanize the experience 4) Go wide & deep & measure 5) Fight filtering with content
  • templatezone: #Convcon use the K.I.S.S principle when thinking about commitment, specifically when thinking about customer ability.
  • gregoryng: Getting more actionable learnings in this first session of #convcon than all of last year’s SXSWi. Just saying.
  • sbermo: Video and conversational avatars double or triple conversion, according to @tim_ash
  • ryanbuch: FB only displays 0.8% of all Wall events. Only 5% users go to the second page of google search results.
  • dan_patterson: Rule 1: Be Consistent! Your Landing Page should reflect your ad text
  • dan_patterson: Rule 3: 3- Borrow but Don’t Steal – Look at what the leaders in the space are doing
  • dan_patterson: Rule 5: Benefits not Features
  • dan_patterson: Rule 6: Tell me what to do (Have a Call to Action)
  • dan_patterson: Rule 7: Establish Trust and Credibility
  • Mei_He: Very interesting –> faster landing page load time = higher conversion
  • FathomSEO: Mozilla: Reducing load time by 2.2 seconds resulted in 15.4% increase in conversions
  • awebmistress: Someone just said they doubled sign in by using social sign in
  • inflatemouse: mobilize not miniaturize your standard website
  • sbermo: ‘If you know the user’s mobile device, use it. Don’t send them to download an app’, says @amyafrica
  • inflatemouse: Navigation makes most of your success in mobile
  • ConversionConf: Mobile no-no: wasting valuable space on graphics. Same with meaningless categories @amyafrica
  • ConversionConf: Mobile rules: breadcrumbs, yes. Flash, no. Horizontal scrolling, no. Tables, no. @amyafrica
  • retailgeek: Users make 2.1 times as many mistakes on #mobile as on desktop, make it easy. 
  • ConversionConf: OMG my fingers are killing me… @amyafrica giving so many great #mobile #cro tips… can’t tweet fast enough!
  • sbermo: For mobile, put search box at top, make it big, and have a ‘GO’ button. Search is the best way to navigate mobile, says @amyafrica
  • Conversionista: RT @sbermo: You can get 40% of users back to your site using text messages. It’s so effective because so few are doing it, says @amyafrica
  • richpage: Wow @amyafrica just gave one of the best, jam packed with tips sessions I have ever seen – all about #mobile #cro tips at #convcon
  • retailgeek: Is it just me or are a disproportionate number of conversion gurus hair folically challenged?
  • dan_patterson: I’m wondering how many total photos @tim_ash has taken so far!
  • @ioninteractive: Microsites are back and better! They’re no longer flash based, they’re SEO-optimized & conversion-focused!
  • inflatemouse: Internal site search is one of the best FREE tools for finding conversion leaks. Via @JoannaLord
  • ajsedlak: Ouch! Industry average 62% of carts abandoned says Charles Nicholls
  • ConversionConf: Include a phone number on your site. It reassures people that you’re there
  • ScottSilk: RT @sbermo: Forms: Minimize fields, easy data 1st, hard data later, all above fold, clear next step button, logical flow, says @webconversion
  • ajsedlak: Great idea from Charles Nicholls: persistent forms, not just carts
  • ConversionConf: in one hour, 90% of web leads go cold. Yikes. @webconversion
  • retailgeek: Useful tools discovered at #convcon,,,
  • ConversionConf: Remarket with multiple follow ups, not just one. Use a sequence of emails that nudge them.
  • ryanbuch: Homepage – global nav is what it’s all about. Super-menus is good if implemented right. Could improve:, amazon
  • ConversionConf: Ouch. Don’t copy, they do everything wrong, says @ez2use
  • sbermo: Thanks #ConvCon for an amazing day one: leaving with dozens of relevant and actionable insights.
  • Phelps_James: Sign that your conference understands its attendees? 2X more bars than food stations #emetrics #convcon

There we have it! Hope you found that useful. To follow the tweets from the 2nd day, just do a search for the hashtag #convcon. And stay tuned for the best of day 2 tomorrow!

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