Get a Homepage Conversion Video Review for Free – Limited Time Only

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Back by popular demand, I’m relaunching a special homepage review promotion.

Free homepage conversion video reviews for a limited time!

Until June 3rd 2016, I’m offering free homepage conversion optimization video reviews to help you improve the performance of your homepage.

In this 5-10 minute video review I will provide recommendations and A/B test ideas for what to improve on your homepage to reduce bounce rate and increase your website sales or leads.

As a special bonus, you will also get a 15% discount on my full live website conversion review service.

Watch me in action giving a homepage conversion review:

To get an idea of the advice and recommendations I would provide for your homepage, here is a 10 minute review of the homepage:

Why is your homepage so important to optimize?

Here are the biggest reasons to do conversion rate optimization on your homepage to reduce bounce rate, and increase your sales or leads.

  • Your homepage will often be your top viewed page on your website and your top entry page – so its of huge importance to optimize.
  • Many visitors will judge your whole website by looking at your homepage in as quick as just 10 seconds. Yes, that quickly.
  • To reduce bounce rate and increase conversions it needs to captivate and engage with great imagery, headlines and call-to-actions.
  • It needs to solve for your visitors main needs and use cases and (the main things they will want to achieve on your website).
  • It needs to clearly explain your unique value proposition – why visitors should use your website offering instead of your competitors.

How to get your free homepage video conversion review:

To get your free 5-10 minute homepage conversion video review, just follow these two simple steps:

Step 1:  Send a quick tweeting helping me promote this homepage review promotion:

Suggested Tweet: I just got a free homepage conversion video review from @RichPage – grab yours too

Step 2:  Then enter your name, email and homepage URL in this form below.

I will then complete your homepage video review within 3 days and email you a link to watch it.

Then you just follow my advice and recommendations to help improve your homepage.

Note: This offer expires June 3rd 2016. Not all websites are eligible and I decide which ones to review at my discretion. For example I will not review spammy websites, adult websites or money making websites.

Thanks, and keep on optimizing!