Get Daily Website Optimization Tips From Me Via Twitter!

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Many of you are asking me for website optimization tips to help improve your website. Yet I know how busy everyone is. And I know everyone wants to scan things and doesn’t want to read a lot at once. And everyone wants simple nuggets that you can take action on.

So what’s the best way for me to give quick short tips to everyone that will help you optimize and improve your website? Via Twitter! So, starting tomorrow (26th Feb) I am going to be giving quick website optimization nuggets & insights everyday via my Twitter for the next 30 days (and maybe longer). All for free!

All you need to do to get these daily tips is to follow me on Twitter (#richpage). I will also periodically update this post with the actual tips that I am sending out, and these will form a big long list of quick website optimization nuggets. Hope you all find these very useful!

Here are my latest daily website optimization tips:

Tip: On your homepage, limit the amount of competing calls to action. Pick your 3 most important. Anymore and you will confuse your visitor.

Tip: In your analytics tool, find your top 10 organic search entry pages. Optimize these pages: great traffic & bang for optimization buck.

Tip: Create & prominently show your website’s unique value propositon – i.e. why should your visitor use your site instead of competitors.

Tip: Don’t presume you know what your site visitors are clicking on. Use heat maps & click maps on your pages: results can be surprising.

Tip: Slow loading pages are a conversion rate killer. Run Yahoo’s great ‘YSlow’ tool to determine what is slow on your site and then fix.

Tip: Engage your visitors better by showing different messaging for new & repeat visitors, like on my blog. Great tool:

Tip: Don’t make your visitors have to think what is clickable. Use blue for link colors or underline, don’t just rely on hover underline.

Tip: Test removing the leaderboard banner from your homepage only. This will likely get more visitors clicking through & reduce bounce rate.

Tip: Usability testing is a must, but doesn’t have to be expensive. Get good feedback using from 3 users, just $29 each.

Tip: Use campaign tracking codes (even on tweets) to measure your acquistion sources success & impact on conversions