News: Started My New Job at Omniture in London Today!

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I am excited to say that I recently accepted an offer to work for Omniture in London as a conversion product specialist, and today was my first day! I am going to be working with Omniture’s major European clients to help them use Omniture’s conversion products more effectively. To put it in simple terms, I will be a Test and Target product and conversion evangelist for Adobe (who recently acquired Omniture).

I recently moved back over the pond from Los Angeles to England because my work visa expired, and was planning on setting up my own website optimization consulting business here, but this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I eventually hope to move back to the USA with Omniture within a year or two. I also just got back from enjoying a great 3 week tour of Europe, so that’s why I have been quiet in the world of Twitter too. Great trip, but it’s nice to be back in the working world, as crazy as that may sound.

I will also hopefully have some big news regarding my upcoming website optimization ebook soon too, so stayed tuned!