The Keys to Website Optimization Success and a Unique Book To Help

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Testing and optimizing websites to better engage and convert your visitors for your goals isn’t as easy as you might think.

And it’s much more than just about doing A/B testing. There is a lot you need to learn to be effective with your website optimization efforts, engage and convert your visitors better and make more money online. You will quickly realize you need much more than just a website testing tool too!

To be most effective with your efforts you will discover that you need to learn and leverage best practices from four overlapping key online disciplines of website optimization. Let’s get to know them better.

The Four Online Disciplines Needed for Effective Website Optimization

1: Web Analytics

Without setting up a good web analytics tool, discovering and setting up key visitor segments and conversion goals, finding and monitoring your key success metrics and conversion rates, your optimization efforts won’t get very far. Without actionable web analytics data you also won’t be able to analyze the performance of your key pages and use it come up with better test ideas – your efforts to optimize your website will be blinded and unfocused.

2: Website Usability

Without a clear understanding of your website visitor’s needs and expectations, and how to best meet them, your online business won’t last very long because without your visitors your website is nothing.

In particular you need to create major use cases for them and make sure your website solves them easily, understand the effects of the page fold, screen resolution and visitors eye flow, and optimize key things like your navigation methods. If you don’t learn and implement literally hundreds of web usability best practices, your visitors will leave your website in droves, as fast as you can spend money on driving them there!

3: Website Testing

This is a fairly obvious discipline that you need to test and optimize your website, but there are still many best practices and advanced techniques you need to learn and leverage. If you don’t have a good testing tool and know how to get the most out of it (more than just Google Website Optimizer) your efforts won’t get off the ground. And if you don’t have enough internal testing resources, good processes and buy-in you won’t be able to test frequently and efficiently.

You also need an understanding of how to set up high impact tests for different types of pages, and a solid knowledge of best practices like segmenting and targeting. Without all these best practices won’t be able to get very high conversion rates on your website and increase the revenue you are making from it.

4: Online Marketing

Last, you need to know key best practices from the online marketing field to better influence your visitors to get them to convert for your main website conversion goals. If you don’t leverage these best practices, your visitors won’t be engaged, they won’t convert as much as you would like, and more than likely won’t come back to your website very often. In particular, you need to know how to write good, attention grabbing copy for your headlines and calls-to-action, come up with compelling ideas for imagery, and make good use social proof techniques to better influence them.

A Unique Book to Guide You Through All These

To help you learn much more about these four online disciplines, I have recently published a unique book that focuses on all these, called ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day‘. I have been using these disciplines for over 10 years now to help me better optimize websites, and I believe this unique book will help you get much more from your testing and optimization efforts too, much more than just reading a book about A/B testing on its own will!

It’s like I have squeezed all the best bits of these great popular books below and turned it into one all-encompassing book to help you:

Rather than you having to spend time reading all those books (and who has that much time anyway?), in my new book you can learn about the best practices from each of these and the crucial role in optimizing your website.  It’s already received some great praise from industry experts (including some of the folks who wrote those books I just mentioned!), and it includes a website optimization checklist, hundreds of test ideas for all types of websites, and 75 different tools you need to use.

To get a taster of this book, you can get a chapter 1 free and great foreword by Bryan Eisenberg just by following me on Twitter – I promise you will love it. And even better,  at the time of writing this, it’s on sale on for nearly 50% off – just $15!

Now over to you the readers – which areas of these keys to success do you need most help with? Feel free to comment below…