Top 10 Website Optimization Posts of 2010

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slot2011_movWow. 2010. Another year gone, but with that, another year of great website optimization posts from around the web!

Therefore I decided to pick out some of the most useful blog posts of the year from website optimizers and online marketing experts to help you kickstart your website in 2011. I hope enjoy these and that you have a fantastic 2011!

1: 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Landing Page

Hubspot’s blog is one of my new favorite online marketing blogs that I discovered last year – this was a great short and sweet landing page article from them in particular.

2: Your Landing Page Sucks! Here are 10 Examples That Don’t

Here are 10 great examples of landing pages that don’t suck – some great inspiration from Oli Gardner at Unbounce (which is a great new website optimization tool worth checking out).

3: 17 Ways to Minimize Friction in the Sales Process

Linda Bustos keeps cranking out some amazing ecommerce optimization posts over at Get Elastic. This was one of my favorites from her blog last year.

4: The Truth About Conversion Rates: What You Really Need to Analyze

A bit of shameless self promotion with this one … but I was particularly proud of this post by me that reveals some other important website success metrics.

5: 10 Secrets of a Winning Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Pages exploded in 2010 and should now form a vital part of your online presence. Here are some great tips from Justin Palmer to optimize your Facebook Fan Page.

6: 99 Free (and Low Cost) Tools to Improve Your Website

There are now so many tools that you can use to help improve your website – here is a quick and dirty list of tools to help improve your website (some old, but many new).

7: 3 Landing Page Teardowns for Inspiration

The folks over at Conversion Voodoo did a great series of landing page teardowns to help inspire your optimization efforts. This one was my favorite, with some great examples from Intuit, Mailchimp and Lotus Notes.

8: The Four Pillars of Online Trust

Tim Ash. Enough said. In this great post from his keynote speech at the SES conference earlier this year, the guru of website optimization reveals how to build all important trust with your website visitors.

9: 10 Useful Tips for Creating Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile phone web browsing grew to even greater heights in 2010 – its now even more critical to make sure your landing pages work well on them.  The folks over at Ion Interactive put together a few great quick tips to help you with this.

10: 15 Things to Test in Your Email

Despite the growth of social media in 2010, email still is often the highest converting traffic source – if you know what you are doing. Anil Batra put together a quick list of things you should test to help increase conversion rates of your email campaigns.

So there we have it. Hopefully you will find those 10 posts valuable, and help kickstart your website optimization efforts in 2011!