Top 30 CRO WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Sales and Leads

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Many websites are now built using WordPress – not just blogs! And if you are one of the hundreds of thousands using it to power their website, there are luckily now many WordPress plugins to help you generate many more sales and leads without needing more traffic.

From A/B testing plugins to visitor survey plugins, these are known as conversion rate optimization plugins. They help convert a much higher percentage of your visitors into sales, leads or subscribers.

To help you find the best conversion rate optimization plugins to boost your website leads or sales, I’ve put together a list of the top 30 and categorized them by type of plugin:

A/B testing WordPress plugins

It’s important to be able to run A/B tests on your WordPress built website – from themes, to headlines and imagery. These plugins allow you to track exactly which versions convert visitors into more sales or leads. Some of these are free, but some require purchasing or a membership to use.ab testing wordpress plugin

AB Press Optimizer A great low-cost built-in A/B testing plugin that lets you test a variety of page elements.

A/B Theme Tester  An outstanding free plugin- actually lets you A/B test which themes convert best, with built in stats.

Nelio A/B Testing More of a fully fledged WordPress A/B testing tool similar to Visual Website Optimizer – requires a monthly fee to use though.

Simple Page Tester  For those looking for a free plugin with real simple A/B testing options, this is perfect.

King Sumo Headlines Headlines are very important parts of a website to test to increase engagement – and this plugin is excellent.

Title Experiments Free For those looking for a simpler and free way to test their WordPress headlines, this plugin is ideal.

Email capture WordPress plugins

Ensuring that you capture a high percentage of visitor emails in the form of leads or opt-ins is key for many types of website, including start up websites and blogs. Here are many WordPress plugins that will help you quickly generate many more leads or emails.

email capture wordpress plugin

Opt-in Skin  A great option for embedding email/lead capture boxes in side bars and at end of your WordPress pages (used on this website).

Opt-in Monster  My personal favorite lead capture pop-up plug-in that I use on this site to capture my visitors emails!

Popup Ally  A great new low cost pop-up WordPress plugin to help you generate many more leads and emails.

Welcome Gate Quickly and easily changes your homepage into an email generating machine – great for blogs in particular.

Landing page creation WordPress plugins

A great way to increase your conversion rates, sales and leads is to create stand-alone landing pages for your website offerings. There are now many WordPress plugins that let you build these quickly and do testing to find the best converting variations.

landing page creation wordpress plugin

WordPress Landing Pages A great free WordPress plugin for quickly building landing pages, with many built in features.

Optimize Press One of the best low cost plugin solutions for creating a huge variety of landing pages – from webinar pages to sales pages.

Lead Pages Another outstanding plugin for creating landing pages – has the most features, but comes at a higher cost.

Thrive Landing Pages A cheaper alternative WordPress plugin to the other landing page creation ones mentioned above.

Web analytics WordPress plugins

It’s really important to measure your current website performance and your conversion rate optimization efforts. These plugins help you easily track and measure key web analytics metrics direct from your WordPress admin.

web analytics wordpress plugins

Worpress Leads A fantastic free plugin that helps you much better analyze your lead/opt-in performance.

Google Analytics by Yoast A great Google Analytics plugin made by the same creators as the excellent Yoast SEO plugin.

WP Google Analytics  Another great option for setting up and using Google Analytics directly in your WordPress admin.

ExtraWatch  Helps you form great CRO insights and test ideas by showing you visitor click maps of your WordPress pages.

Visitor Surveying and Feedback WordPress plugins

Gathering feedback and insight from your visitors is essential for gaining great ideas to improve and test your website. These WordPress plugins offer much cheaper ways of quickly setting up and running simple site surveys to do this.

visitor surveying and feedback wordpress plugins

Visitor Engage A great free plugin for installing visitor feedback options, including modern looking sticky feedback tabs.

Total Feedback I’m a big fan of this free plugin to quickly setup single page surveys (like a scaled back version of the Qualaroo tool).

UserNoise Similar to a free version of UserVoice, this plugin lets you easily capture visitor feedback using popups.

WordPress Simple Survey A great tool for helping you create surveys on your website directly in your WordPress admin.

Mobile website optimization WordPress plugins

Making sure you have a mobile optimized website is essential with the ever growing amount of visitors arriving via smart phone or tablet. These WordPress plugins let you quickly create mobile optimized website versions to increase conversions, sales and leads.

mobile optimization wordpress plugins

WPTouch Mobile One of the original and best free options for creating mobile optimized WordPress websites.

MobilePress Another good mobile website optimization plugin option to consider, with free and low cost options.

Duda Mobile Website Builder I’m certainly a fan of the stylish mobile options in this – definitely worth paying for the upgraded version.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher Simple plugin that lets you use a different theme for mobile visitors in addition to your regular theme.

Other conversion rate optimization WordPress plugins

There are many other types of CRO plugins to help you optimize specific things on your WordPress built websites and increase sales or leads – these are some of the ones that you should definitely consider installing.

scarcity samurai

WordPress Calls-to-action Nifty little plugin for letting you create engaging and customizable call-to-action buttons in WordPress pages.

Scarcity Samurai Using scarcity techniques is a really great way to increase conversions – I’m a big fan of this plugin to help you do so.

Foo Bar Similar to the Hello Bar – this much lower-cost version lets you create sticky bars to promote key content on your website.

WP Total Cache Speeding up page load times helps reduce bounce rates (and makes Google happier!) – this is a great free plugin to help with this.

Now over to you…

What are your favorite CRO related WordPress tools? Please comment below with your favorites from this list of 30, or feel free to add others that I may have missed.