Worst Website Design Contest

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The world-wide-web as we know it is now over 15-years old, and in this time we’ve seen some amazing improvements to website design. However, there are still some terribly designed websites that look like they haven’t changed much during this time at all, or are really hard to use and interact with!

Help shame and raise awareness for these badly designed websites (to get them to improve!) in our new ‘Worst Website Design Contest’ and if you submit the winning entry, you will get great prizes to improve your very own website!

To enter, submit what you think is a badly designed website, and then vote on the worst from everyone’s submissions! The website submitted with the most votes at the end of the contest will win these fantastic prizes….

The Prizes for Winning Submission of Worst Website Design

The person who submits the winning worst website gets some fantastic services and products to use on their own website to improve it and convert even more visitors:

And big thanks go to the kind sponsors of these great prizes too!

How to Enter and Win the Contest

The contest is on the Facebook Fan Page for ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day’, where you also vote for the worst designed site and help decide the winner!

  • Visit the contest page and submit screenshots of the worst website design you have seen, with a comment explaining why you think it’s so bad.
  • Then get voting for your entry, and encourage others to vote for your entry (rules: one vote per day, per person).
  • Review and rate the other entries to help decide on the winning worst website.
  • The winner is the website entrant that has received the most votes at the closure of the contest on Friday 5th October 11.59PM EST.

Quick tips/rules on website submission entries:

  • The worst website doesn’t have to be the ugliest looking website – bad websites can look great, but have really poor usability.
  • It doesn’t have to be the homepage either. If you have found a particular badly designed or unusable product page or category page (or other page), then feel free to submit!
  • No offensive/explicit websites can be submitted (and will be instantly removed and disqualified if entered).
  • Lingscars.com website won’t count as an entry (because even though it looks really ugly, it converts really well!)
  • To encourage people to vote for your submissions and stand a better chance of winning, please use this Tweet:
    Tweet this: I just chose what I think is the worst designed website ever! Come enter and vote for me too: http://bit.ly/SkdsM3 #WorstWebsiteContest

So there we have the details – come enter the contest now!

Vote for Your Favorite Worst Website Design!

Don’t have any ideas of worst website designs to submit, but want to see some truly shockingly bad ones? Simply head over to the contest page, review the current entries and vote for the one you think is the worst! You, the readers, decide who wins the worst website design contest – not me!

And please help spread the word of this contest to your friends and colleagues… maybe one of your friends or co-workers thinks he is a hotshot designer but actually isn’t very good? This is the perfect way to shame them… (evil grin)

Enjoy the contest and good luck!

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