Gain High-Impact A/B Test Ideas From A Conversion Research Expert

You cannot do effective CRO without understanding your user’s main issues, doubts and hesitations.

That’s why I focus on doing conversion research to discover this and generate much higher impact ideas for improving your website revenue. This includes visitor and customer surveys, and user tests. Most agencies don’t do this and focus on A/B testing using best practices, and often fail to get good results.

Without doing conversion research you will just be guessing at what to improve, and you won’t get very good results for improving your conversion rates and revenue.

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How My High-Impact Conversion Research Gets Better Results

I have been doing conversion research for many years now and have found these types of conversion research give the highest-impact A/B test and website improvement ideas:

1: Customer survey to discover their main issues and conversion barriers

The most important part of conversion research is to survey your customers to find out what nearly stopped them from purchasing and what they thought was missing or could be improved on your website. Once you discover these most common issues and conversion barriers, this helps create improvement ideas so that other users don’t experience them and convert much more often. I use tools like Survicate and Survey Monkey for creating this survey, which you then email to your customers to gather at least 100 responses.

Here is an example of one of the many customer survey questions I use to get better results:

2: Visitor survey to find their issues and what stops them from purchasing

You also need feedback and insights from your website visitors as it is essential to uncover their issues, frustrations and needs, in particular what is stopping them from purchasing. Discovering this helps create high-impact improvements so that other visitors don’t have these same issues and therefore convert more often. I use tools like Survicate and Hotjar for creating this survey using a pop-up on your website.

Here is one of the very insightful visitor survey questions I use:

3: User testing to gain detailed feedback from your target audience

I set up and run user tests with your target audience to discover their detailed needs, frustrations, doubts and issues on your website. It also helps discover bugs on your website that need fixing. I create 10 user tests on desktop and mobile with questions and tasks to discover this, and I include screener questions to ensure the user testers belong to your target audience. I use tools like Userfeel and UserTesting for this.

Here is an example of a screenshot during user testing for one of my clients.

4: Visual analysis to discover your visitor’s issues and bugs

I reveal how problems and issues with your visitor’s website journey decrease your conversion rates and revenue. For example I discover if users are missing important content lower down on your page and therefore need moving up higher, or are confused by any particular elements which need clarifying better. To do this analysis I set up click maps, scroll maps and session recordings to gain on your key pages, using tools like Microsoft Clarity and Hotjar.

Here is an example of a user session recording of them noticing something not working with customer images: 

Examples of Conversion Research Insights and Ideas

Here are just a few examples of the 100’s of insights you can gain from doing conversion research, and the related ideas for A/B tests or improvements.

  • Insight: Visitor survey revealed some visitors didn’t understand the returns policy and hesitated to buy.
    Idea: This should be explained better and made more prominent on product pages.
  • Insight: Customer survey revealed they nearly didn’t buy because they thought it was too expensive.
    Idea: Create an A/B test on product pages to highlight the benefits and value better.
  • Insight: Customer and visitor survey found that users wanted to see video of the products.
    Idea: Create an A/B test to include product videos in the image gallery.
  • Insight: User testing revealed category page filters are not good enough to help visitors find what they need.
    Idea: Add additional filters that user testers suggested to category pages.
  • Insight: Session recordings revealed the homepage image carousel breaks on mobiles with a smaller width.
    Idea: This should be fixed as soon as possible.

High-Impact Ideas Are Then Created and Prioritized

After doing this conversion research and reviewing the insights, I create high-impact A/B test and website improvement ideas. Then I add to them to a website improvement roadmap and prioritize them so that you know what to launch first that will have the biggest impact on your conversion rate and revenue.

My Conversion Research is Competitively Priced with High ROI

I’ve been doing this for many years and have discovered you only need certain types of conversion research to get the biggest impact, and the exact questions that get the best insights. That is why I can offer my conversion research services from £3,000 – often half the cost of conversion research from a CRO agency.

My ecommerce clients have had significant increases in conversion rate and revenue from my conversion research services, with often over 10X ROI within 90 days.

increase in conversion rate
in annualized revenue
increase in conversion rate
in annualized revenue

“Rich Page: Website Optimizer has driven a 164% increase in our conversion rate, which totaled over $20,000 more revenue in just seven days. He provides regular reports and backs up his ideas with great results. We’re lucky to have him, and he’s proven his value ten times over.”

Johnathan Ruggiero,
Co-Founder & CEO, Manly Bands

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