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Do you want to discover high-impact opportunities to improve the conversion rate on your product pages? I’m offering free CRO product page teardowns. This live review gives you 5 high-impact improvement ideas that you can A/B test or launch to increase your conversion rate and revenue.

I’m a CRO Expert With 15 Years Experience

  • 15 years CRO experience with increasing conversion rates and revenue for 100’s of websites
  • High-impact CRO recommendations and A/B test ideas exclusively from me, not from an agency with a team of different levels of experience
  • Strong focus on conversion research like customer surveys and user testing, which leads to better user insights, better performing ideas, and better conversion rates.
  • Author of two popular CRO books including ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day’

Recent Examples of CRO Success For Clients

increase in conversion rate
in annualized revenue
increase in conversion rate
in annualized revenue

“Rich Page: Website Optimizer has driven a 164% increase in our conversion rate, which totaled over $20,000 more revenue in just seven days. He provides regular reports and backs up his ideas with great results. We’re lucky to have him, and he’s proven his value ten times over.”

Johnathan Ruggiero, Co-Founder & CEO, Manly Bands

An Example Of My Product Page CRO Teardowns

My product page CRO teardowns are done live with you. To give you an idea of the types of recommendations I offer, here is a recording of one that I did for the product page on

Product page teardown for

In this teardown, we find many elements on their product page that could be improved. This includes:

  • How to improve product imagery and UGC
  • How to emphasize unique value proposition better
  • Not hiding key product info in tabs

Get a Free CRO Teardown For Your Product Page

Please note that while this teardown is free, they are only for ecommerce businesses who have budget for doing CRO. These types of online businesses will get the most benefit from my CRO teardown:

  • Ecommerce businesses already established and generating over £100K a month in revenue
  • Ecommerce businesses that can make changes quickly and have their own design and dev team

To get a CRO teardown for your product page and you are interested in doing CRO, simply complete the form below and include the page you want me to review. I will then contact you to set up a 30-minute meeting where I will do the teardown for you. We will also discuss how I can help you achieve conversion success.

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Please note that free CRO teardowns are only available to companies with a revenue greater than 50K per month.

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