Best Website Creation Tools for Improving Conversion Rates

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If you are looking for a website creation tool that offers better options to help you increase your website sales and conversion rates, well you have found the right article! This review of website creation tools is perfect for small business owners who are looking to create a well-converting website, or looking to improve their current one.

Why is choosing the right tool so important? Well, there are now hundreds of online tools for quickly and easily creating your own website or online store.  But which ones give you the best features for obtaining higher website conversion rates and greater more? Luckily many of them are now beginning to offer new features to help you do this, so I’ve reviewed the major tools to help you see which have the best conversion rate boosting features. Let’s get started…


These guys are one of the biggest players online for creating online stores. While they offer outstanding features for creating an online business, unfortunately they don’t really give you many built-in features to help increase conversion rates. They do offer a good integrated web analytics tool to help you monitor conversion rates and have effective mobile optimized versions to boost your mobile commerce conversion rates.

However, they seem to focus more on offering lots of conversion improving plug-in opportunities (like emailing targeting integration with MailChimp) – they really need to offer more built-in things like product reviews and ratings, and product recommendation options. Surely a huge opportunity for them in the future to improve.

Best conversion rate features: Mobile optimized websites and built-in great web analytics reporting.

Conversion Rate Score: 6/10

Big Commerce

They used to focus on creating shopping carts only, but they are now offering some amazing tools to build any kind of website (and claim to have built over 36K websites now). They were smart enough to include many features to help increase conversion rates and sales. This includes built-in product reviews and ratings at no extra cost (helps build social proof), single page checkout options to make it easier for visitors to checkout, product recommendations options to increase chances of visitors buying, and a fantastic abandoned shopping cart recovery email tool (available on premium plans only though).

They also offer conversion rate analysis with their integrated web analytics tool. Overall, fantastic for building a well converting website! No built in A/B testing tool though – however I couldn’t find any website creation tool that does (disappointing!)

Best conversion rate features: Product reviews and ratings, single checkout page option, and abandoned shopping cart tool.

Conversion Rate Score: 9/10


SquareSpace are another one of the big boys in the website creation market, but they are very disappointing in terms of what they offer to boost website conversion rates and sales . They offer good features like built-in web analytics, and email marketing tool plugins definitely help too, but they don’t offer many integrated features needed for improving website conversion rates and sales. Very disappointing for such a big player in the market – must try harder.

Best conversion rate features: Built-in web analytics tool.

Conversion Rate Score: 5/10

One of the new website creation contender s who are advertising often is They offer the ability to create some amazing websites and online stores, but unfortunately they come out bottom of the heap in terms of built-in features to help improve conversion rates and sales. They offer even less than SquareSpace and Shopify, with not even any built in web analytics tool, and only offer the ability to bolt-on apps from other web tools. At least they are cheap though!

Best conversion rate features: None.

Conversion Rate Score: 3/10

Similar to BigCommerce, these guys are also branching out beyond just offering shopping carts, and are now offering fully fledged website creation tools. Not quite as good as BigCommerce in terms of conversion rate improving features that are offered, but they do offer offer a great recommendations/product up-sell option to help you sell more products.

They also place much important emphasis on building trust and security to increase sales with the usage of prominent security badges and wording. Promising.

Best conversion rate features: Product upsell/recommendations tool.

Conversion Rate Score: 8/10

This less-known website creation tool offering is fairly new and very reasonably priced in comparison to the others reviewed above. They offer some good integrated conversion rate boosting features like a targeted email marketing system (the only tool reviewed that offers this built-in at no extra charge), integrated web analytics and sales reporting, and good mobile optimized website versions. They are lacking in the high-end design features and capabilities of the big boys, but keep an eye on these guys as they improve these other features.

Best conversion rate features: Fully integrated email marketing tool (at no extra cost – and no other tool offers this).

Conversion Rate Score: 7/10

Review wrap-up

So there we have it, reviews of the most popular website creation tools and their conversion rate improving features – BigCommerce definitely comes out on top! Strange though that none of these tools offer built-in A/B testing features though – surely this has to be coming soon? But don’t forget that while you can’t really use it for designing whole websites, you can use to design and A/B test landing pages to boost your conversion rates.

Now over to you – which website creation tools have you used to help improve your website conversion rates and boost sales, and what experiences have you had with any of these tools mentioned?