Benefits and Best Practices of CRO for your Website – a Quiz!

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CRO quiz 4
Here is something a bit more fun (and a little educational) for you all today!

I just created this new quiz about conversion rate optimization (CRO) to help you understand how much you know about CRO and the benefits of it – it really can have a huge impact on increasing your website leads or sales.

It’s 18 quick questions, and you get a rating at the end so you know how well you did – and getting over 80% is considered great!

And I would love it if you would comment below with your results, and please help spread the word by sharing this quiz with your colleagues and friends. You’ll be surprised at how few people even know about CRO, let alone the benefits of it.

Here’s the quiz – just click the start button to take it. Enjoy!

After you have taken this CRO quiz, don’t forget to comment below with your quiz result and any comments you may have. Don’t be shy… thanks!