Just Launched: My New CRO Video Course – With First Week Discount!

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conversion rate optimization course

Today I’m excited to announce my new conversion rate optimization course!

Over the last months I’ve been hard at work creating this CRO course for you all – in fantastic video format.

My new course helps you learn how to quickly increase your website sales or leads – without you having to drive more traffic!

It features over 6 hours of high-quality video lessons – 5-20 minutes for each day.

The 31-day series of videos include best practices from over 80 high-converting websites, and high-impact CRO, web analytics and A/B testing tips and techniques.

I’ve used the Udemy learning platform to deliver it – so you can take advantage of their great user interface and ability to interact and discuss my course lectures – with lifelong access for just one payment.

Think of it like an in-depth video version my ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day’ book, on steroids!

Why take this course, and what you will learn:

  • I’ll reveal to you CRO and A/B testing techniques the pro’s use to quickly boost sales/ leads on your own website – whether its an ecommerce site, a lead generation site, or a blog.
  • I’ll show you secrets that high-converting websites do to increase their sales & leads, like Amazon.com, Moz.com, REI.com and Copyblogger.com.
  • Delivered in 31 days of short video lessons stepping you through what you need to quickly become a highly-converting website.
  • Comes with bonus unique lecture content to improve your results, like a unique value proposition checklist and visitor use case tracker.
  • Includes bonus discounts: Save $100 on Visual Website Optimizer A/B testing tool and a live website conversion review from Rich Page.
  • Ultimately you’ll get much greater revenue for your online business!

Here is a quick overview intro video for the course and benefits of it:

Special launch week offer – get my course for just $99

Update: Sorry, the launch week discount has ended, the course is now its full price of $197.

It’s still amazing value at $197, especially when there is no risk for you – if it doesn’t increase your website sales or leads within 30 days you get your money back!

Get my new course for just $197 – with 30 day money back guarantee

I’m offering 50% off my course before it goes up to the full price of $197 on 9th November.

Use this coupon code to get 50% off: CROcourse99

Get my new course for $99 before goes up to $197!

I hope to see many of you inside the course real soon and to begin teaching you!

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Get the course for $197 - with money back guarantee!