John Chow. Internet God or Arrogant Ass?

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Yes John Chow. I’m talking about you. I actually first heard about this guy a few months back when visiting his blog. And I didn’t stay – why? Because of his ‘duelling’ sports car blog image header. It just summed up the type of arrogance I see on a near daily basis living so close to La Jolla. Guys and their Ferrari’s thinking they are the ‘dogs bollocks’ as we say in England. So I left his website, thinking I wouldn’t be back there in a hurry.

But, John Chow wouldn’t go away, he kept ending up in my RSS feeds. And then one day last week, I heard about this ‘Make Money Online’ free ebook. I clicked to the website, and it was John Chow again! But before I clicked away, I noticed a picture of him. And boy I was surprised. He is a big Asian nerd! So I decided to give this guy a second chance and read his free ebook. And wow. I read the whole thing in a lunch time, I simply couldn’t put it down. This guy is a internet genius. Not just because he is so good at making money online, but his knowledge and understanding of the internet world is second to none. I really felt a strong connection with this guy’s online brand of philosophy.

I strongly recommened reading his book – its not just about blogging or get rich quick schemes, it has a variety of good tips that can be used in practically any internet business model. I swear I’m still waiting for the catch… I just can’t believe its free. I honestly found more value in this free ebook than any $97 ebook I have ever downloaded (and been let down with). This guy really deserves a lot of credit… you are a certainly an inspirtation to me John Chow! So in a nutshell, don’t let this guys sports car header turn you away. Better yet – John – maybe you should change your header to something a little more ‘internety’ (did I just make that word up?) Sounds like a great idea for a blog post – a contest to redesign your blog header!

Anyway, if you are ever down in San Diego, John, I would love to buy you a beer and grill your brain. Thanks again for the great ebook, and keep up the solid work. And I promise I won’t call you an arrogant ass again…