Stop Wasting Money on Search Engine Marketing!

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I find that SEO and SEM relate very closely to web analytics, more closely than a lot of people think, and felt like writing an article about this.

So, over the weekend, I decided to try something different – write an article for SEOmoz’s popular user created SEO related blog called YouMoz, to see if it would be accepted.

I wrote the article all about about how to stop wasting money on search engine marketing (SEM). And earlier today, I was happy to see they accepted it and published it on their site! Basically, I talk about pausing spending money on your website until you have done two things:

1: Optimize Your Website First

2:  Analyze the Bounce Rates of your Keywords

Go take a read of the full article here – hopefully you will find it intriguing and useful – I find that many website marketers often make the mistakes that I talk about, and you can learn how to rectify them. Oh, and lets hope they feature it on their main SEO blog – if they like it enough (and it gets enough thumbs up – hint, hint) they promote it to their full blog!

The article is also a taster of the new free ebook I am currently creating, that will reveal tips and tricks for how to optimize your website (for free/cheap), and fully elaborate on how stop wasting money on website marketing. I will be giving this ebook away from free on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled!