22 Great Web Analytics Videos

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webtube.jpgOkay. Relax, and grab a cup of coffee (or pot) or your favorite beer (or 6 pack) or glass of wine (or bottle). Because you are going to be here for a while!

I have gathered together a pretty big list of all the more interesting web analytics videos I could find on the internet! I have categorized them into different types – the basics, advanced, and general commentary. Hope you get as much use out of them as I have. And yes, Avinash Kaushik is pretty much a movie star – he seems to be in so many of the videos on this list! Anyway, enjoy….

Web Analytics Basics Videos

What is Web Analytics
with Jim Sterne Founder of eMetrics and Web Analytics Association.

How to Start Using Google Analytics
Shows the steps needed to actually setup and start using Google Analytics

Google Analytics Basics
Very thorough official overview of Google Analytics

The Importance of Web Analytics
Good general advice for new web analysts

Ralph Wilson Interview with John Marhsall
Fresh thinking about web analytics

Bounce Rate – The Simply Powerful Metric
Avinash talks about the wonders of using the bounce metric.

Web Analytics Vendor Story
By Avinash Kaushik- pretty entertaining too!

4Q Survey tool
Video all about a great new free survey tool

Internal Site Search
Great talk from Avinash about making best use of site search analysis

Google Website Optimizer Basics
Good introduction to a great free tool – start using this today!

Advanced Web Analytics Videos

Web Analytics 2.0
A real eye opener here for the future of web analytics.

Advanced Google Analytics Techniques
By a Google expert. Very revealing, includes filters/profiles.

ROI and attribution
Interesting viewpoint on the complications of assigning credit to conversions.

Testing Ideas for Google Website Optimizer
A great video from the kings of web optimization – Future Now.

Rules for Revolutionaries
Some advanced web analytics best practices from Avinash.

Optimizing E-commerce Product Pages
Some good advice for optimizing ecommerce pages.

Web Analytics Commentary Videos

Current Trends in Web Analytics with Jim Sterne
Good edition of the Web Strategy show with Jim Sterne

4 Web Metrics Gurus at San Francisco Emetrics 2007
Some great analysis from four of the best web analysts.

Eric Peterson at e.day 2007
Eric talks about the Do’s and Don’ts of Web Measurement

Avinash Kaushik at SES NY 2008
Includes an interesting perspective on the future of web analytics.

Avinash Kaushik at Blogworld Expo
Talking about his successful web analytics blog

Overview of  ‘Web Analytics: An Hour a Day’ Book
If you haven’t already bought this book – watch this and go buy it!

How the Superbowl Ads Fumbled Online
Interesting look at how the 2008 Superbowl ads failed use the web.

So there you have it  – 22 great web analytics videos. Anyone else have any favorite web analytics related videos that I missed? Oh, and Avinash, I hear your Oscar is in the mail…