My Website Optimization Teaser eBook Just Launched With Coupon

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UPDATE: This grew much bigger into ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a day’, and didn’t release this ebook discussed below.
I am excited to announce that the teaser version of my long anticipated new website optimization ebook is finally launched and ready for you to read.

It’s the 9-page teaser ebook version for my new ebook called ‘30 Days to a Better Converting Website‘ and it’s now ready for you to download! You will also get a $5 coupon off the launch price too.

The full ebook is 50,000 words and 140-pages long, and is packed full of best practices, website tools and tests to optimize your website and make more money in 30 days. It has taken me over 6 months to write and I am very proud of it – hopefully you are very excited to read the full version when it launches in 2 weeks.

It’s perfect for anyone in website marketing or website design that wants to make their website convert better, no matter the type of their website – not just e-commerce websites.

This teaser ebook version contains the following sneak-peak content:

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • A sample of Day 1: Set Up Analytics and Testing Tools, and Set Up Goals
  • A sample of Day 3: Optimization Fundamentals to Help You Succeed
  • A sample of Day 11: Focus On and Optimize Your Internal Site Search
  • A sample of Day 23: Optimizing Your Website’s Mobile Experience

Plus, when you download this you also will receive a $5 coupon off the price as soon as it launches, and notification on the day the full ebook launches (in roughly 2 weeks).

Click here to get this free teaser ebook version and coupon. Note: This booked grew much bigger and turned into ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day’