New Free Service: Website Reviews via Twitter!

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twitter-reviewIf you haven’t already guessed, I just LOVE to optimize and improve websites! And I love to Twitter. So I thought, why not combine them both? Therefore, I’m proud to announce a new free service – website reviews via twitter! Yes, thats right, I will do a mini-review of anyone’s website in just 140 characters (which is the Twitter max limit per twit). How’s that for a good free service?

Here are the full details of my ‘Website Review Via Twitter’ Service:

Send me a tweet on Twitter, with the name of the website you want reviewed. Or you can reply to this post with the website name too.

– I will give your website a quick look over and post a 140 character review of it on my Twitter account.

– This mini-review may take me up to 3 days – remember I have a full time job…

I can review any type of website too – ecommerce sites, blogs, media websites or support websites. I enjoy improving any kind of website!

To give you an idea, here are two example reviews that I recently did:

twitter reviews

Also, I might modify this service slightly over time – I will see how things go. And for those of you that are looking for more comprehensive website improvement and review services, simply drop me a line and we can go over the details.

Oh and please do not confuse this service with search engine optimization! Website optimization is very different than search engine optimization – in fact, I am writing a post about later this week!

Anyway, I hope people find this new website review service valuable! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to get all my updates too.

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